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Sam Hunt is an American country music singer and songwriter. He was born on December 8, 1984, in Cedartown, Georgia, USA. He initially pursued a career in football, playing quarterback in college, but eventually shifted his focus to music.

Sam Hunt Wife and Children:

Sam Hunt was married to Hannah Lee Fowler. They got married in April 2017. They don’t have any children.

Sam Hunt Net Worth:

 Sam Hunt is an American singer-songwriter who has a net worth of around $5 Million.

Sam Hunt Instagram and Social Media Channels:

Sam Hunt is active on social media, including Instagram and Twitter. You can find him on Instagram under the username @samhuntmusic.

Sam Hunt Girlfriend:

Sam Hunt was married to Hannah Lee Fowler. I don’t have any information on him having a girlfriend after his marriage.

Sam Hunt House and Cars:

Details about Sam Hunt’s house and cars aren’t widely available in the public domain. Celebrities often keep such information private.

Sam Hunt Age and Real Name:

Sam Hunt was born on December 8, 1984, which would make him around 36 years old. “Sam Hunt” is his real name.

Sam Hunt Tribe and Religion:

There is no publicly available information suggesting that Sam Hunt belongs to a specific tribe. Regarding religion, he hasn’t been particularly vocal about his beliefs, so his religious affiliation, if any, is not widely known.

Sam Hunt State of Origin:

Sam Hunt hails from Cedartown, which is located in the state of Georgia, USA.

Sam Hunt Phone Number and WhatsApp Number:

I’m sorry, but I can’t assist you with personal contact information for individuals.

Sam Hunt Residential House Address:

Residential addresses of private individuals are not something I can provide.

Sam Hunt Educational Background and Schools Attended:

Sam Hunt attended the University of Alabama at Birmingham, where he played football and studied philosophy. He later transferred to Middle Tennessee State University, where he completed his college education.

Sam Hunt Career and Source of Wealth:

Sam Hunt’s career began as a songwriter, penning songs for artists like Kenny Chesney. He gained significant attention with his own music, fusing elements of country with pop and R&B influences. His debut album “Montevallo” (2014) achieved commercial success and included hit singles like “Leave the Night On” and “Take Your Time.” He continued to release successful singles and albums, contributing to his wealth through record sales, concert tours, and songwriting royalties.

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