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Candace Maxwell, a 23-year-old first-generation Caribbean-American actress, model, and dancer who hails from Queens, New York. Rising to prominence in 2019 through her roles in “Power” and “Insatiable,” Candace’s journey to success has been nothing short of remarkable. Let’s delve into the life and career of this talented young artist.

Candace Maxwell Early Life and Education:

Born in 1999 in Westford, Connecticut, Candace was raised in Queens, New York, alongside her younger sister Kristen by their single mother, Monica Waite. Her parents hail from Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago, instilling in her a rich cultural background.

From a young age, Candace’s fiery passion for music and dance became evident, and she pursued her dreams as a natural performer. After her time in New York, she moved to Atlanta, Georgia, to attend CCEPA (Cobb County Center for Excellence in the Performing Arts), where she studied acting and dance. Her dedication and hard work paid off, setting the stage for her future success.

Candace Maxwell Career Highlights:

Candace Maxwell’s journey to stardom began at the age of five when she started honing her dancing skills. Her talent as a dancer led her to work on stage, film, and Broadway, even performing as a backup dancer for renowned hip-hop icons like Beyonce, Lil Kim, and P. Diddy.

In 2011, she made her professional acting debut as a backup dancer in the film “Footloose.” Her career continued to flourish, and she landed notable roles, including Didi in the comedy-drama “Katy Keene” and Cassandra Haynes in the film “Power,” which propelled her to greater recognition.

Continuing to expand her acting opportunities, Candace trained at the Maggie Flanigan Studio, where she focused on the Meisner technique. Her dedication to her craft allowed her to appear in various productions, including the 2022 film “Tyler Perry’s A Madea Homecoming” and the 2021 series “All the Queen’s Men,” where she portrayed “DJ Dime,” the vibrant and ambitious resident DJ at Club Eden.

Candace Maxwell Personal Life and Advocacy:

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Candace Maxwell is deeply passionate about various causes. She advocates for underprivileged youth and actively works with young teenage girls who are victims of sex trafficking. Health and wellness are essential to her, and she maintains her mental well-being through regular exercise and meditation.

In her free time, Candace enjoys exploring her diverse cultural background through her love for cooking and trying various cuisines. Jamaican, Trinidadian, Greek, Italian, Indian, Thai, Mexican, and Sushi are among her favorite flavors.

Candace Maxwell Social Media Presence:

To connect with her fans and share her life’s adventures, Candace can be found on Instagram as @CandaceMaxwell_ and on Twitter as @Cmaxwella_.

Candace Maxwell Net Worth

$1 million


Candace Maxwell’s journey from a passionate young dancer to a rising star in the entertainment industry is a testament to her talent, hard work, and determination. As she continues to impress audiences with her performances, both on screen and on stage, it’s clear that she has a bright and promising future ahead in the world of acting and entertainment.

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