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Florence Omagbemi is a former Nigerian footballer and coach. She was born on February 2, 1975, in Lagos, Nigeria. She is best known for her contributions to women’s football in Nigeria, both as a player and as a coach.

Florence Omagbemi Husband and Children:

specific details about Florence Omagbemi’s husband, children, and personal relationships were not widely available.

Florence Omagbemi Net Worth:

Ngozi Okobi has an estimated net worth of $1 million. She accumulated her wealth from playing professional football.

Florence Omagbemi Instagram and Social Media:

  • Instagram: @okobingozi
  • Twitter: @NgoziOkobi

Florence Omagbemi Boyfriend:

Details about her personal relationships, including boyfriends, may not be readily available in the public domain.

Florence Omagbemi House and Cars:

Specific information about Florence Omagbemi’s house and cars is not publicly known.

Florence Omagbemi Age and Real Name:

Florence Omagbemi was born on February 2, 1975. Her real name is indeed Florence Omagbemi.

Florence Omagbemi Tribe and Religion:

Florence Omagbemi is of Nigerian nationality and is likely from one of the various ethnic groups in Nigeria. Regarding her religion, that information is not widely known.

Florence Omagbemi State of Origin:

Florence Omagbemi’s state of origin is not something I have in my available information.

Florence Omagbemi Phone Number and WhatsApp Number:

I’m sorry, but I cannot provide personal contact information like phone numbers or WhatsApp numbers.

Florence Omagbemi Residential House Address:

Sharing residential addresses would be a breach of privacy and security.

Florence Omagbemi Educational Background and Schools Attended:

Details about Florence Omagbemi’s educational background and schools attended are not widely available, but it’s common for professional athletes to prioritize their sports training.

Florence Omagbemi Career and Source of Wealth:

Florence Omagbemi had a successful career as a footballer, representing Nigeria at various levels. She was part of the Nigerian women’s national team that won multiple African Women’s Championships. She also played internationally and in club football.

She later transitioned to coaching and has been involved in coaching the Nigerian women’s national team. Her source of wealth primarily comes from her football career and coaching.

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