Doja Cat – Attention Lyrics

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Doja Cat – Attention Lyrics

Doja Cat – Attention Lyrics

Baby, if you like it
Just reach out and [?]
Show you how to touch it
Hold it like it’s precious
It don’t need your lovin’
It just needs attention

(Love me)
It needs, it seeks affection
(So sweet)
Hungry, it feeds attention
(Help me)
It needs, it seeks affection
(Love me)
Hungry, (Yah) it feeds—

Yah, look at me, look at me, you lookin’?
My taste good but I just had to redirect my cookin’
I could’ve been an opener, I redirect the bookin’
I read it all, the comments sayin’, “D, I’m really shooketh”
“D, you need to see a therapist, is you lookin’?”
Yes, the one I got, they really are the best
Now I feel like I can see, you bitches is depressed
I am not afraid to finally say shit with my chest
Lost a lil’ weight but I ain’t never lost the tushy
Lookin’ good but now bald head match my—
Lookin’ good but now they all sayin’ that I’m ugly
Boo-hoo, my nigga, I ain’t sad you won’t fuck me
I’m sad that you really thought your ass was above me
You’re lucky ’cause I just paid your bill with a reply
I just made your money pile knee-high
I just made your made stats peak, now you got a blue check
Now you can afford to go and reinstall a new wig
Now you can afford to not be lousy, go and do shit
Talk your shit about me, I can easily disprove it
It’s stupid, you follow me but you don’t really care about the music

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