Keep pushing “Master KG” states as he recalls when CapriconFM refused to play his Song

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Keep pushing “Master KG” states as he recalls when CapriconFM refused to play his Song Back in 2017


Master KG has shared a throwback to when the going was deeply tough. The legendary Piano hitmaker has recalled one time on his life when some Radio stations refused to play his song.


Piano hitmaker, Master KG has asked his fans to keep pushing as he also recalled sometime in 2017 a particular Radio station refused to play his music but today the rest is history.

There is the saying that the world spins and no situation lasts forever. The same doors you slam today might lead you out tomorrow. In the case of Master KG, it was something he experienced.

The producer shared his experience with a radio station which he identified as “Capricon FM”. Had sent them a message asking them to let him perform a song.

The said song was trending and Master KG felt it would go farther if they could allow him perform it and play it for the audience. He shared this post, while urging fans to keep pushing.

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“Throwback 2017! Never Give up Always Knock On Those Doors @CapriconFM” Master KG captioned the screenshot.

He didn’t specify if the station allowed him perform or if they snubbed him but a fan concluded that the station must’ve snubbed him and that was why because they don’t like to support upcoming acts. Another fan had this to say:

“I’m sure they blue ticked you, and now they patiently wait for your manager as he checks your schedule. It’s true when they say “Never conclude a person by his present status because time has the great power to change a useless coal into a valuable Diamond”.

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