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Luh Tyler – Fat Racks Pt. 2 Ft. BabyTron

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Nigerian rapper, Luh Tyler, has released his latest hit single “Fat Racks Pt. 2” for the year 2023. The track is a unique blend of trap-tinged beats, melodic choruses, and unrelenting bars from the Nigerian lyricist.

The award-winning artist, BabyTron, adds a unique style to the single, delivering an unforgettable verse that truly makes the track stand out. Produced by renowned music producer, Datboiwill, the record is set to be a definitive club anthem as it brings with it an unmistakable energy.

The groovy rhythmical beat, blended with its heart-stirring lyrics, provide an uplifting moment of escapism as Luh Tyler takes listeners on a journey of self-discovery.

So head over to Audiomack to listen and download Luh Tyler’s latest single “Fat Racks Pt. 2“. You don’t want to miss out on this one!


Fat Racks Pt. 2 Lyrics

[Intro: Luh Tyler]
Phew, phew
Gang, skinny nigga, fat racks, I’m out the way
Gas burning like some sage
Yea, staying out the way (Ayy, Will)
Gang, ayy, skee

[Verse 1: Luh Tyler]
Skinny nigga, fat racks, stand the fuck up out the way (Gang)
White Runtz inside my blunt, that bitch burning like some sage
No, I ain’t doing shit for you if that shit don’t get me paid
Bad bitch, she got her toes done and her edges slayed
I’m on the beat, I’m in that mode, nigga, you can’t stop the rain
Make sure that my family straight before I ever buy a chain (On gang)
I get in the booth, my feet kicked up, I’m kissing Mary Jane (Out my body)
You won’t catch me in the mix, I’m staying in my own lane
You won’t catch me in the mix but you can catch me with ya bitch (With ya bitch)
Nah, this ain’t dirty money, all my money be legit (My shit legit)
In the booth, I’m smoking sour patch, feeling like that kid (Like that kid)
I just took a nigga bitch, yeah, I hit her with that rizz (Yah)

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