My Granddad inspired the Musician that I am today. (Lady Du)

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My Grandad was a Dj and he inspired me to become a musician

(Lady Du)

Lady Du has revealed how she became musician, how her Late Grandad who owns a Club inspired her to become a musician. The Amapiano songstress also gave reasons why she adopted the Amapiano genre in middle of 2020.

Amapiano Vocalist Lady Du has taken to her Twitter page to share her Journey into music so far.
She twitted how she embraced music from the age of ten and how her late Grandfather who owns a club inspired her.

Lady Du further started that she Finally switched to Amapiano music late last year 2020 and she started making music at age 10.

Thanks to her grand-daddy who was a DJ and owns a club, the singer continued his legacy.

“I switched to amapiano In august last year, but I’ve been in the music game since I was 10. I live, eat, breath, music. My grandfather had a club in vosloorus called dukes place, he passed and I was born hence my name Duduzile. My grandmother says I am my grandfather straight.”

She revealed how she got the name, Lady Du.

“This is a legacy passed on by my grandfather, to my dad DJ Choc, then my uncle DJ Zan D, now I am carrying the light. My grandad never had a girl, I was the first of his family. Hence the name LADY, DU!!!!”

The vocalist claimed to have been doing music for 21 years, and further encouraged people who are about giving up.

“My music story is one for the books, I am not lucky, I did not chance a hit, I did not pay anyone, didn’t ask for favours, wasn’t spoon fed. I worked, blood, sweat and tears for extactly 21 years. Studying in between so if it doesn’t work out I have something to fall back on.”

“When ever you feel like giving up remember that things take time, now that I have a platform to change lives and help those that aren’t educated in music I will!!!!! This business is not as easy as it looks,” she added.

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