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Phyna Big Brother Naija Biography(Bbnaija)

Phyna Bbnaija was born in June 1997 in Edo State, Nigeria. Her name, Ijeoma, suggests that she may have origins in Delta State through either her mother or father. She completed her primary, secondary, and tertiary education in Edo State as well. Currently, at 25 years old, Phyna is known to have a zero-tolerance policy towards gossip, and she finds it inappropriate to engage in such conversations. Despite her short fuse, which allows her to argue with someone one minute and then continue speaking to them as if nothing happened, she believed herself to be immune to any ill-intentions.

In 2022, the filming of the seventh season of the much-acclaimed African reality TV show, Big Brother Naija, titled “Level Up,” is underway. One of the contestants among the housemates of BBNaija 2022 is a 25-year-old vocalist.

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Phyna Bbnaija Profile

Full name Ijeoma Josephine Otabor
Nickname Phyna
Gender Female
Date of birth 2 June 1997
Age 25 years old as of October 2022
Place of birth Lagos, Nigeria
Place of origin Edo State, Nigeria
Current residence Lagos, Nigeria
Nationality Nigerian
Ethnicity African
Religion Christian
Sexuality Straight
Hair colour Black
Eye colour Dark brown
Relationship status Single
College Auchi Polytechnic
Profession Commercial model, content creator, hype girl, script writer, comedian, rapper, entrepreneur

Phyna BBNaija Career

Phyna as a BBNaija housemate is driven by her intolerance for maliciousness and love for entertainment. Despite having a short fuse, she can quickly move on from arguments and has no time for gossip or rumors. At 25 years old, Phyna is a self-proclaimed jovial hype girl who is hypersensitive to rumors and has a strong dislike for gossip. She values love and relationships but is currently single and focused on making a positive impact in the world. Graduating from high school and being able to pursue higher education is one of the highlights of her life. In addition to her passion for entertainment, Phyna also has a talent for fixing broken household appliances.

Phyna Bbnaija Age

As of the year 2023, the reality TV star from BBN is 26 years old. She entered the world on June 2nd, 1997. Her Zodiac sign is Gemini.

Phyna Education

Phyna, also known as Ijeoma Josephina Otabor, completed her primary and secondary education in Edo State, Nigeria. After obtaining her First School Leaving certificate and SSCE, she pursued higher education at Auchi Polytechnic, where she obtained an HND in Agricultural and Bio Environmental Engineering Technology in 2019. After completing her undergraduate studies, Phyna enlisted in the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).

During her time at Auchi Poly, Phyna held the position of Director of Socials (DOS) at the school. She once recounted a story to her fellow roommates about attending more than four primary and secondary schools due to her penchant for fighting. Despite this behavior, she managed to avoid being expelled from university, crediting it to the grace of God.

What made Phyna famous?

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Phyna, who began her career as a commercial model while still a student, rose to public prominence in July 2022 when it was announced that she would be participating in the seventh season of Big Brother Naija, titled Level Up. Aside from being a content creator, she has established herself as a hype woman on Instagram and is known as the “Hype Priestess of Nigeria.” In addition, she is an entrepreneur in the fashion industry, a stand-up comedian, and a rapper.

Phyna describes herself as a lively person who dislikes gossip and does not hold grudges against others, despite having a short temper. She enjoys repairing various household appliances in her free time. Her goal in joining Big Brother was to make a positive impact on the world and she promised viewers lively vibes, energy, and drama.

During the show, she revealed that she had been in a previous relationship that ended before her entry into the Big Brother House. She currently remains single and is not looking for a relationship within the house. In the second week of the competition, she was nominated for eviction by the Head of Household along with Cyph, Phyna, Christy O, Khalid, and Amaka. On August 7th, her fate will be revealed.

State Of Origin

Ijeoma Josephina Otabor, better known by her stage name Phyna, hails from Ekpon, which is located in Edo State in Nigeria.

Phyna Tribe

By tribe, Ijeoma Josephina Otabor Unsual Phyna BBN is considered to be Esan.

Phyna Family

Ijeoma Josephina Otabor, better known by her stage name Phyna BBN, was born in Edo State into the family of Mr. and Mrs. Otabor. Phyna has a number of other brothers and sisters in her family.

Phyna Religion

Phyna BBN was raised in a Christian household in Edo, and she identifies as a Christian.

Phyna Boyfriend

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Phyna bbnaija boyfriend

Phyna BBNaija has been the subject of rumors claiming that she has a boyfriend who goes by the stage name Crazy Minds Comedy. Apart from being a comedian and skit maker himself, he is also known to appear in videos with Phyna.

Phyna and Eloswag Relationship

Phyna and Eloswag did not have a romantic relationship prior to their passionate kiss that took place during the party that took place on Saturday night. Phyna had recently returned from a leisurely cruise with Eloswag.


How did Phyna win BBNaija

Phyna received 40.74 percent of the viewers’ votes, while Bryann polled 26.74 percent, and Bella garnered 15.78 percent.

Phyna BBNAIJA Social Media

Phyna, who participated in Big Brother Naija, has a strong presence across multiple social media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. Her fan following has notably increased since her appearance on the show. Phyna gained widespread fame mainly due to her humorous skits posted on TikTok, which she started sharing in 2021. As of now, her Instagram account boasts over 95.5 thousand followers. The following are her handles on different social media channels:

Phyna Bbnaija Net Worth


Phyna, a self-assured artist and hype woman, joined Big Brother Naija with not just the aim of winning the monetary prize, but also to create a meaningful impact in the world. While there isn’t enough information available about her financial worth presently, it can be assumed to be roughly $20,000. Being a part of Bbnaija could be a stepping stone to potentially becoming a worldwide sensation.

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