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Re-Investigate Chief Dr George Moghalu over Kwara Boat Mishap, JotNaija: South Africa Music, Mp3 & Audio Portal
Re-Investigate Chief Dr George Moghalu over Kwara Boat Mishap

WHO IS AFRAID OF CHIEF DR. GEORGE MOGHALU, NIWA BOSS?: Re-Investigate Chief Dr George Moghalu over Kwara Boat Mishap

I came across a malicious publication making rounds online concerning the Managing Director of National Inland Waterways Authority, Chief Dr. George Moghalu

Ordinarily, I do not respond to the multitude of nonsense shared online particularly those released by faceless criminal groups, whose only stock in trade is blackmail, fraud and cheap publicity. More so, the hour of lobbying is upon us, and most people will go to any length.

In this instance, as it concerns a true statesman who has done very well in representing our affairs at the party and national level, I challenge the group to make their names available to the general Public. I am less surprised by this antics of these mischievous makers considering the fact that we are in a political appointment season where political scavengers who are threatened by others achievements and rising profiles, would descend to such a low. They now resort to blackmail, gossips etc to bring people down, discredit their hard work or at best cause distractions.

I do not find these sort of character smearing and malicious publication strange going by the recent political appointments and the subsequent fever and anxiety already gripping some weak political hustlers. I just want to say, Relax, your time will come.

On Kwara Boat Mishap:

The attempt to use the unfortunate death of fellow countrymen to buttress a nonexistent point is most unfortunate and terribly classless. May the Souls of all those who are involved in the tragedy rest in Perfect Peace. May God give the Families the fortitude to bear the loss.

Now, to set the record straight, Kwara Boat tragedy is one incident that is avoidable. The recent Kwara boat tragedy investigation revealed that the vessel was very heavily overloaded Carrying over 250 persons including luggage and the people were not wearing life jacket as they travelled in the dead of the night at about 2:30am without night navigational aids. Every step taking towards that journey is against operational ethics of NIWA and it is important to note that official and approved operational time for boat operators is between 6:00am and 6:00pm. This was simply an illegal activity gone wrong. Again, May their souls find peace.

With this, I want to ask this faceless Group, if it is Chief Dr George Moghalu that allowed this boat operator to load passengers and move them at that odd hour against official and approved time for boat operators in Nigeria?

I want to refer Nigerians to NIWA Press release on the organisations preliminary report concerning the cause of Kwara Boat tragedy. The Natural and human causes were detailed. So why singling out Chief Dr George Mogahlu?

This faceless Group and persons alleged that Chief Dr George Moghalu did not achieve anything while in the office. This assertion clearly show that these charlatans are paid agents who have one motive. To smear and blackmail the character of Chief Dr George Moghalu.

It has become pertinent that I further expose the real intention of this writer by detailing some of the Achievements of the agency Under the leadership of Chief Dr George Moghalu, visible to the blind and audible to the deaf.

Re-Investigate Chief Dr George Moghalu over Kwara Boat Mishap, JotNaija: South Africa Music, Mp3 & Audio Portal

NIWA Workers Welfare:

Let me start with NIWA Staff Welfare; In light of the current inflations, difficulties and poor standard of living, the earnings of the NIWA staff had become largely unsustainable causing the workers hardship. It is on record that NIWA staff receives the lowest remuneration in the maritime industry but under his watch the salary and other welfare packages of staff was increased. Today, the Staff of NIWA take home pay is very encouraging, courtesy of Chief Dr George Moghalu. This is a leader that cares for his people.

Onitsha River port :

We all know the story of Onitsha River Port built by Shagari Government, which was abandoned over the years without being in use. Today, The Onitsha River port has been fully concessioned and handed over to Universal Elison, a company that is partnering with port of Antwerp. You can go there and see some level of economic activities.

Oguta River Port :

Oguta River Port that was not in the budget prior to his appointment has been brought back to the budget. The fencing of the Oguta River port has been completed and other basic facilities required for the port to operate are being put in place, the same with Lokoja River Port.

Infrastructure :

On 3rd September 2022, Minister Transportation commissioned 3 patrol Boats and 32 seater Ferry Boats at Port Harcourt Area office, 20 patrol boats were commissioned at Lagos Area office to boast NIWA’s monitoring and enforcement of protocol in Nigeria Inland Waterways to tackle the menace of boat mishaps in the country.

Under his watch , he procured over 20 patrol boats , 9 modern ambulances and deployment of wreck removal equipment round the country’s inland waterways to enhance safety , provision of ferries from China to boast the nation’s water transport system, building of more of more jetties round the country with viable ferry terminal, improvement of water transportation through adequate collabor and synergy with sister agencies like NIMASA, Navy etc, dredging of number of slot and approved designs for qualified operators for the construction of inland river crafts, carrying out hydrological surveys , river chart production, cartography, River mapping and aerial survey, commissioning of a 36 seater Ferry Boat at Yelwa-Yauri Kebbi state and launching of robust sensitization exercise against vandalization of installed Marine Buoys and other Navigation Aids on waterways which serves as navigational aids and improves protection of lives and properties.


Also, as MD, he Trained about 400 youths on safe handling of small craft for ferry operators and services on inland waterways in Badagry. This is to just mention a few that is public information.

The non-existent group made no pretence as to what they set out to achieve with said article which is to respectively malign the NIWA Boss’ character. The spurious allegations is not only vague but an outright falsehood. Such rubbish are imaginary thoughts from a concoction of wap minds of people whose mind abhors nothing but mischief, malice and character assassination.


Chief Dr George Moghalu has been an outstanding Public Servant in discharge of his duties as MD of NIWA. He has also received many accolades and awards include but no limited to only this; The first award is the Maritime CEO to watch in 2020 organized by the Shipping World Magazine Achievers Awards 2020, Maritime Media Limited, at Federal Palace Hotel Lagos

The second award is the Maritime personality of the year 2020 by the organizers of Leadership Excellence Awards, Igbere TV and endorsed by the African Union Economic, Social and Cultural Council (AU-ACOFOCC) at Sheraton Hotel and Towers, Abuja.

The Third award is Top Flyers Magazine International confers on him the Award of Lifetime achievement of the year 2020 at Rock View Hotel (Royale) Abuja”.

The Fourth award is The winner of the BusinessDay Excellence in Public Service Award 2021.

And the recent one, The Public Service given to him by The Sunnewspaper.

If this man has achieved nothing as alleged by this characters. Why all these awards and recognitions by these reputable organisations. I urge the general Public to disregard the purported publication. Let us encourage who deserves our encouragement and shun evil.

written by Paschal Candle, a Public affairs analyst in Abuja.

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