Dax – Suffocating Lyrics

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Nigerian artist Dax has released a sensational new single, entitled “Suffocating and here at Tunezloaded we are giving you access to read and understand the song through its lyrics


Dax – Suffocating Lyrics

Huh i’m tired, manSometimes I just sit in my roomAnd I just hold my breathAnd let all the pressure and anxiety build upAnd just let the time pass by
At first, I couldn’t breatheNow I’m suffocatin’ (Suffocatin’)Maybe the pressure from the fameIsn’t worth what I’m chasin’ (I don’t know)I used to say God’s playingNow the devil’s on my team actingFoul and it’s all flagrant (Huh)Tryna push me off the pathThat I’m steady pavingSin is the currency and everyDay I’m making payments (Every day)I don’t wanna live in itBut I heard a saying“Good knows evil ’cause theHouses are both adjacent”I don’t know if I should go for thesе goalsI’ve seen people gain thе worldBut lose they soulsMy anxiety is buildin’ as theWeight of it growsI seclude myself in privacy inside my homeAnd I barely answer callsAnd when I see my phoneI’m reminded that the realFeelin’ of being alone (Real feelin’)Is having millions who love youBut can leave youOr say that they hate you at theMoment they don’t fuck with a songI used to laugh it offNow I hold my breath and suffocate(That’s what I do)Then I sit and wait just to seeIf I can kill the hate (I can kill)And as I’m fleetin’ I seeGod at the heaven’s gatesThen come back down to fight another dayThen I grab that same phoneAnd smile and waveAnd pour my empty heart into aSong that they won’t praiseThey say patience is the keyBut they didn’t tell me while I waitI’d be locked inside a steel cageSomething’s wrong, I feel claustrophobic(Claustrophobic)I’m stuck living in the pastAnd not the moment (The moment)Or the future where my lifeIs only more broken (More broken)Cause those wounds from thePast are still open (Still open)I take sips of love andEvery single time it’s poisonI see women who can’t see past my employmentOr see me as enjoyment so I can’t enjoy it‘Cause the ride’s temporary and they leaveOnce they crash and destroy itI don’t think this life is healthyWhy didn’t anybody tell me?Everybody’d want help but nobody’dWanna help me i’m an ATMA therapist and everybody’s friendlyAnd they hide their real intentionsBut my mind won’t let meIf I make a sad songDon’t ask me if I’m happyFuck a hook, my pain isn’t catchyIf you relate, or worse, feel badlyFuckin’ pity me at leastAnd check in if you at meThat’s the only way I’ll know who it touchesThat’s why I stay awake andAnswer DMs by the hundreds (By the hundreds)So I don’t lose myself and fill my stomachWith the feelin’ that I’m hereJust to suffocate for nothin’If you know real pain then you see itWhen you look me in my eyes (Fuckin’ pain)I try to hide it, but they do not lieI wanna sleep, but if I tryThe demons who creep inMy dreams will collideSo I stay up and I stare at the ceilin’And ask myself if I shouldEven share these feelingsThen I hear a voice in theDistance from a ghost-like imageSayin’ my pain could be somebody’s healin’So I close my eyes and drift toThe place that inspires these lyricsAnd as I see flames and I screamI pray it’s a place you’llNever have to visit

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