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Dax – Suffocating

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Nigerian artist Dax has released a sensational new single, entitled “Suffocating”. This electrifying track is an absolute must-listen for all lovers of good music.

The song comes from Dax‘s latest project, “Pain Paints Paintings“. It was produced with mastery and finesse by the talented producer Raspo, and it serves as yet another example of Dax‘s outstanding artistry.

If you crave quality hip-hop tunes, then this track should be at the top of your list. Bursting with invigorating production and intense lyrics, “Suffocating” is a dazzling offering that will surely satisfy even the most particular audiophiles. So don’t wait any longer and give it a listen.

Dax-Suffocating Lyrics 

Huh i’m tired, manSometimes I just sit in my roomAnd I just hold my breathAnd let all the pressure and anxiety build upAnd just let the time pass by
At first, I couldn’t breatheNow I’m suffocatin’ (Suffocatin’)Maybe the pressure from the fameIsn’t worth what I’m chasin’ (I don’t know)I used to say God’s playingNow the devil’s on my team actingFoul and it’s all flagrant (Huh)Tryna push me off the pathThat I’m steady pavingSin is the currency and everyDay I’m making payments (Every day)I don’t wanna live in itBut I heard a saying“Good knows evil ’cause theHouses are both adjacent”I don’t know if I should go for thesе goalsI’ve seen people gain thе worldBut lose they soulsMy anxiety is buildin’ as theWeight of it grows

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